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Dentmon Adult Basketball League

Dentmon Basketball League has continuous back-to-back basketball seasons year-round. [Fall-winter-spring-Summer]In addition to league games, there are also weekly pickup games and open gym. There’s no need to wait to play ball or find another facility to practice. Don’t worry about self-regulating the rules with who fouled who. Get the “real game” feel with officials, game timer, and individual stats. Jerseys are included. Simply come and play ball.

If you’re a free agent, no worries. Dentmon Basketball League will place you on a team. There is some trading of free agents allowed the first two weeks, but generally free agents stay with they team they are assigned for the season (7 weeks+playoffs). Then after the season they have another window to change teams again or organize their own team. If you have an entire team to register, excellent. We look forward to seeing your mad skills.

As an adult league it’s for individuals ages 18 or older. This could be considered a “men’s basketball league” since the majority of players are men, but technically it is a co-ed adult league, so women are welcome to register as well.


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Justin Dentmon Athletic Center

Phone: 6187132145